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Casa Sastre Seguí

Environment and Activities

The house stands in the valley of Patró, a small village of El Valle de Gallinera, (Alicante), at 30 km. from the beach. It seems incredible to see such wild and green hills at such small a distance from the coast.
Gallinera Valley is south of the province of Valencia and north of the province of Alicante. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and only 30 km. from the beach. The municipality includes eight small villages, with a total of around 700 inhabitants.

Its History goes back to the Paleolythic -some samples of rock and art are still kept in the premises. The Iberians also left their mark. Later, Islamic culture, long established in our land, left several defensive castles nearby, such as Benirrama and Benissili.

The vegetation, given the high level of rainfall that is recorded annually, makes our valley a veritable botanical garden.

You will find the house in the village square, beside a fountain of water that flows constantly, day and night.

Beautiful excursions to nearby sources

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